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How to connect BAMAWL HR system with Attendance Device or Face Recognition Device?

BAMAWL HR system uses raspberry pi to collect attendance data from device and upload over encrypted VPN connection automatically.

How to get accurate attendance data if attendance device is not used?

You can use Check In/Out Request function in BAMAWL application via mobile to get specific attendance time. Approver can check attendance data with employee’s location and their photos.

How to settle up types of leave in system?

There are all types of leave in system under Myanmar Labour Law. Among them, you can choose leave types which are allowed to be entitled to employees.

How can we assign various shift in this system?

You can import employees’ various shift assignments by excel format in system.

Could I register various Overtime rate/ Allowance & Deduction method in system?

There are registration functions for Overtime, Allowance & Deduction separately. You can register in each data as per your company method.

How to use HR system if it has different payroll method in each company?

You can select employees who are same payroll calculation method firstly. And choose remaining employees to set up other payroll method in same company.

How to calculate the Personal Income Tax (PIT) in system?

Our system is designed to organize Personal Income Tax (PIT) under Myanmar Union Tax Law – 2021. You can set up “monthly PIT calculation” to calculate the correct amount for your employees.

Could I use the banking service for transferring salary to employees?

Yes. You could use CB Bank & KBZ bank for transferring salary to employees via BAMAWL HR system. Moreover, you can use MPT money to transfer salary. But your company needs to have Agreement Contract with relevant Bank.

Could you tell me about the “security” of system?
BAMAWL HR System is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, user data are store with database encryptions. And never use or track without customer acknowledgement.

Could I use the system with Own Server?

No. BAMAWL HR system is classified as SaaS (Software as a Service).


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