8th Webinar

We are holding this 8th Webinar with the purpose to know about “AR and VR through digital transformation”.
In this free live section, we will demonstrate two topic
(1) Digital Transformation(DX)
(2) Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)
From this Webinar, you come to understand How advanced is technology all over the world and what new digital transformation technology is emerging? How will AR VR lead the way in the future? What kind of investment do most companies make in these rapidly evolving technologies?

14 Jul 2022 3

4th Webinar video

We are holding this Webinar for the aiming of “Enhancing of your Business by Changing Paper Work to Systems”.In this 4th time Webinar section, you come to know “How can you easily control your Day-to-Day Tasks in Warehouse, Documentation & HR Management process by using Systems?”

21 Feb 2022 3

1st Webinar video

We are implementing this Webinar with the aim of “Transforming HR through Technology”. In this free Live Section, we demonstrate “How can you easily manage your HR Process by using our BAMAWL HR Software System.

20 Nov 2021 3