11th Webiner

We are holding this 11th Webinar with the aim to know about “Foundation A Strong Resume With Recruitment Management System“.

In this free live section, we will demonstrate about – Solving the problems of incomplete information in the CV form for HR staffs, Preventing cases that the CV Form doesn’t include the information you want to know and Issues of CV Forms aren’t reaching to HR. CV Form Template can be easily prepared from the system without having to print out as Job seekers. For employer is also being able to know the interview results and recruiting process in real time by the system.

10 1 2023 1

10th Webinar

We are holding this 10th Webinar with the aim to know about ” Make Your Business Run Smoothly With Bamawl HR “. In this free live section, we will demonstrate about ” How to reduce your HR Manual Workload by using our Bamawl HR Software? “.

From this Webinar, you come to understand by using HR Integrated System ” To increase the productivity and efficiency of HR which will help the HR department accomplish its goals and objectives by streamlining administrative processes across functions and management of the workforce ”.

10 1 2023 1

4th Webinar video

We are holding this Webinar for the aiming of “Enhancing of your Business by Changing Paper Work to Systems”.In this 4th time Webinar section, you come to know “How can you easily control your Day-to-Day Tasks in Warehouse, Documentation & HR Management process by using Systems?”

21 2 2022 3

1st Webinar video

We are implementing this Webinar with the aim of “Transforming HR through Technology”. In this free Live Section, we demonstrate “How can you easily manage your HR Process by using our BAMAWL HR Software System.

20 11 2021 3